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Outside Vendors

Outside Vendors

Welcome to the 2022 Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair!

The 2022 Jacksonville Fair will be held from November 3 -13, 2022. We're celebrating our 67th year of bringing fun, food, rides, games and entertainment to our city and the five surrounding counties we serve. Our lineup of talent is outstanding and our carnival, Belle City Amusements offer wonderful rides and games to amuse and thrill our guests. Outside space on the independent side is limited and must go through a selection review.

For rules and requirements, review the Outside Vendor Fact Sheet.

Outside Vendor Fact Sheet

Outside Vendor Application

Space on the independent side is limited with preference to those who have given excellent service in the past. New applications go through a selection process (not a first-come, first-serve basis) and acceptance is based on the following criteria: Product balance, diversity, experience, financial responsibility, ability to set up a professional attractive display, and space availability. Complete a separate application for each unit you wish to submit. Footage given must be accurate.

I agree to the terms and conditions

Menu or Merchandise #1 (5mb limit) Please upload a copy of your Menu or Merchandise
Menu or Merchandise #2 (5mb limit) Please upload a copy of your Menu or Merchandise

Photo(s) of Vendor Booth (5mb limit) Please provide images of your setup...
Photo(s) of Vendor Booth (5mb limit) Please provide images of your setup...
Reference #1 (5mb limit) *If Required*
Reference #2 (5mb limit) *If Required*
Reference #3 (5mb limit) *If Required*
Describe your setup

Electrical Needs for Tent/Trailer:

(Minimum of 10 front foot)
Greywater Tank

Electrical Needs for Stock Truck:

Hold Harmless:
By your application you are agreeing to abide by the Rules & Regulations noted in this application and to indemnify and save harmless the Greater Jacksonville Fair Association, its agents and employees from and against all claims, suits, actions and damages and/or causes or actions arising during the period of use and occupancy by Exhibitor/Vendor from the date of entry upon fairgrounds to and including date of departure, for any personal injury, loss of life, and/or damages to property, including the vendor’s property or employees, sustained in and about the premises or that portion of the buildings or appurtenances thereto, used by the Concessionaire/Vendor, occurring during such time as they may be using said premises, and from and against all costs, legal fees, expenses and liabilities incurred in and about any action thereon, and from and against any order, judgment, and/or decrees which may be entered therein when any of the a foresaid are caused by negligence of the Exhibitor/Vendor, its agents, subcontractors or employees or persons attending the premises by reason of the use thereof by the vendor. Property taken into the fairgrounds by vendor is taken there at the vendors own risk. The fairgrounds, it’s personnel, etc, shall not be responsible for any loss due to damage from fire, theft, windstorm, repossession or from any other cause whatsoever, nor for failure upon its part to perform this agreement, should officers of the law seize, stop or prevent vendor from operating under this agreement.
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