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Jacksonville Fair Relocation FAQ

Why is the fair moving?

The current site is landlocked by the Arlington Expressway, stadiums, and parking lots. A move to the Westside means we wouldn’t have the special constraints our current site has so we can continue to grow, get bigger, and do a lot more things.

When is the fair moving?

The earliest the fair would relocate is 2024. We should have a clearer picture of our overall timeline in the next 8-12 months.


Why would the City of Jacksonville sell this land to Iguana Investments?

A common misconception is that the Jacksonville Fairgrounds is owned and operated by the City of Jacksonville. Actually, the Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit that has owned and operated the land independently for decades.

So Iguana Investments isn’t purchasing the land from the City of Jacksonville. They’re purchasing the land directly from the Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair Association.

How will the move impact the events at the Fairgrounds and the annual Jacksonville Fair?

This move is being made because of the benefits it brings. We expect the events we hold and the Jacksonville Fair experience to only improve with the move. State of the art facilities, a better layout, more space, etc. We have big plans for the future of the fair and want to provide all who attend an even better experience.


What steps are you taking to ensure parking/traffic at the new location isn’t an issue?

We know that easily accessible parking, and getting visitors in and out of the grounds as quickly as possible is paramount to your experience when visiting the Jacksonville Fair. Visitors to the new location will enjoy 3-4 points of entry/exit. We’re working side by side with the City of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Equestrian Center on each of these concerns.

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