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Rental Information

For Rental Availability and Rates Contact:

Gayle Hart, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Phone: 904-353-0535
Email: gayle@jacksonvillefair.com

Rental Rates

Rental Guidelines

The following guidelines are to provide both parties with the information required to ensure the best rental experience possible.


  • Move-In / Move-out times are Monday through Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, unless pre-approved by fairgrounds office.
  • It is in violation of the contract to bring food or drink onto the fairgrounds property during show hours, unless pre-approved by fairgrounds office and concessionaire.
  • No open flame cooking is permitted inside any building - NO EXCEPTIONS. Cooking with propane inside the building is prohibited.
  • Any outside-only events must have an adequate number of port-a-lets and lease the lobby for the restrooms.
  • Show coordinator may not charge for parking, unless entire fairgrounds have been leased.
  • Any property left behind after the event becomes property of the fairgrounds after 30 days.
  • All large boxes must be broken down and placed in a designated area.
  • If your event generates enough trash to fill a dumpster, a dump & exchange charge will be applied to final invoice.
  • The Fairgrounds does not loan or rent their equipment; i.e., forklifts, tractors, cords, ladders, etc.
  • Lights cannot be removed from the ceilings of any of the buildings.
  • ABSOLUTELY, no driving of vehicles (cars, SUV or trucks) allowed in Hall B.
  • No load-in through the front doors of the Exhibit Hall, please coordinate vendors to load in through the roll-up loading doors or the side doors.

Prior to Move-In:

  • All signed contracts must be on file in the fairground office.
  • A copy of the lessee’s original certificate of insurance must be on file in the fairground office.
  • Final payment must be received 10 days prior to the show for processing.
  • Security must be coordinated through Fairgrounds Security Supervisor 10 days prior to show dates, please call Detective Cale Hughey, number will be provided.
  • All show floor plans must be approved and on file in the fairgrounds office.
  • All Signage/banners must be pre-approved before installation.
  • Any electrical requests must be made prior to show dates – an electrician can be available at $50/hour with sufficient notice.
  • Recreational vehicle parking is available for events at a rate of $35.00 per night. Fee includes electrical hook-up, water and sewage. There are only 10 RV spaces available.

Move-In / Move-Out :

  • A representative of the lessee must be on site at all times – including move-in and move-out times.
  • Time- lessee must complete all loading and unloading within the times specified in the contract.
  • This includes any subcontractors that are being used for rentals/decorating etc.
  • A charge may be assessed for any hold over on the specified times to cover the cost of staff labor.
  • No roll-in loading through the front doors; hand carry only.
  • Drive in loading/unloading is only available in certain areas.
  • A map of the rented facilities is available in the office with height restrictions etc .
  • All exit doors must be accessible and may not be obstructed in any way by show exhibitors.
  • Tents- must use sandbags on the concrete areas – stakes okay in the grass with approval.
  • All damages to the building or the outside area will be the responsibility of the lessee.
  • No adhesive products, paint or nails on the floors or walls.
  • No parking on the concrete pavers in front of the Exhibit Hall.
  • Unloading of shows materials/goods is the responsibility of the show coordinator.
  • Any subcontractors hired by the show coordinator must abide by the move-in and move-out times specified in the contract.
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