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Rental Information

For Rental Availability and Rates Contact:

Lisa Thomas, Director of Facility Rentals and Marketing
Phone: 904-353-0535
Email: lisa@jacksonvillefair.com

Rental Rates

Rental Guidelines

Rental Guidelines
Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair

Please note that the information contained herein are the general guidelines and requirements included in the majority of Facility Rental Agreements we execute. Each Individual event/booking shall have a specific Facility Rental Agreement (FRA) drawn up that will reflect the elements and requirements for each unique event rental.

A non-refundable deposit/retainer equal to 50% of the total rental fee is due on execution of the Facilities Rental Agreement (FRA). This will go toward your total rental fee. We require an executed FRA to reserve/book dates. The remaining 50% of rental fee and full payment is due 45 days prior to the event. If remaining 50% of rental fee and full payment is not paid 45 days prior to event, the non-refundable deposit will be retained in-full by lessor and event will be cancelled.

Cancellation of Event
In the unfortunate circumstance that you have to cancel your event, a 45-day notice is required. For all booked events your initial retainer consisting of 50% of your total rental is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. Because dates are typically booked out months in advance, cancelling often leaves us with a loss in booking that we are sometimes unable to fill. This retainer helps alleviate some of that income loss for ‘The Venue’ (though not all) due to client cancellation.

Renter/User is required to provide evidence of public liability insurance in the amount of no less than $1,000,000, with a certificate naming venue and property as additional insured.

Walk Through
The Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair requires a detailed walk-thru to determine specific needs with ample time before event to determine prior/existing damage. At wrap of event, User and Facility Director will do a post-event walk through with Facility staff to identify any outstanding issues, damages, extra clean-up, etc.

It is understood that User is solely responsible for securing and paying for any permits that may be required in connection with the event, and will provide proof of such permits to facility prior to event/function.
Facility reserves the right to review and approve, in advance, all proposed plans for events, including but not limited to the choice of rental company, caterer and valet parking service, as well as proposed construction plans, space configuration, circulation plan, seating arrangements, lighting, décor, entertainment, and all set-up delivery schedules. Event invitations, posters, flyers, signs, or other publicity pertaining to the event, including press releases, must be in reviewed and approved in advance by Facility.

Users must provide any equipment they or their vendors require. Delivery and pick-up of all equipment must be coordinated with the Facility. The Facility Director must approve all delivery schedules involving elaborate rentals.

Fire Code
In compliance with fire regulations, aisles between tables indoors must be a minimum of six feet to insure free flow of traffic. Doorways must not be obstructed. In compliance with fire regulations, aisles between tables, indoors, must be a minimum of six feet to insure free flow of traffic. Doorways must not be obstructed. All applicable building capacity requirements, fire codes, and regulations regarding exits and entrances must be adhered to. All rentals and equipment must be removed as promptly as possible after the event. The Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair shall not be held responsible for any equipment, material, or property of any individual left on premises by the User or its vendors.

The Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair will not under any circumstances accept deliveries on the User’s behalf

Photography / Filming
Photography/filming permission determined on a case-by-case basis.

Power / Electrical Requests / Equipment
• All energy and power needs must be requested and reviewed prior to event.
• We recommend at least 12 weeks prior to event for any power or electric needs/requests.
• All approved requests will be serviced by the Fairgrounds designated, licensed electrician(s).
• Electrical equipment may only be serviced by electrical lines designated by Facility as having sufficient capacity.
• Any electrical equipment such as microphones, speakers, amplifiers, projectors, extension cords, generators, etc. must be located in contracted areas.
• The Fairgrounds does not loan or rent their equipment; i.e., forklifts, tractors, cords,
ladders, etc.
• Lights cannot be removed from the ceilings of any of the buildings.

Signs or other “markers” are not permitted outside the Expo Halls or on the Exterior Grounds unless approved in advance by Facilities Director. No structural modifications or nails, staples, and tape will be permitted without prior approval. Any costs for repair of structure, walls, etc. to pre-event state shall be born by User.

Prior to Move-In:
• All signed contracts must be on file in the fairground office.
• A mandatory walk-thru of the facilities is required at least 1-month prior to event date
• A copy of the lessee’s updated, original certificate of insurance must be on file in the fairground office.
• A non-refundable deposit/retainer equal to 50% of the total rental fee is due on execution of the Facilities Rental Agreement (FRA). This will go toward your total rental fee.
• Final payment of rental fee must be received 45 days prior to the show for processing. Non-negotiable.
• Security/Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is required (cost born by lessee) for every event per the Jacksonville Fairgrounds and must be coordinated through Facilities Director.
• All event floor plans must be approved and on file with the Facilities Director
• All Signage/banners must be pre-approved before installation by Facilities Director
• Any outside-only events are required to have a mutually agreed upon number of port-a-lets and may also lease the lobby for the restrooms
• Any sub-contractors (this includes private security) hired by the show coordinator must be approved by Facilities Director and abide by the move-in and move-out times specified in the contract.
• Move-In / Move-out times are Monday through Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, unless pre-approved by fairgrounds office. Coordinate with Facilities Director if you need to expand your move-in/move-out times
• Tents- must be approved prior to event and upon approval, must use sandbags on the concrete areas – stakes okay in the grass with approval from Facilities Director

Alcohol/Concessions/Ticketed Events
Any event selling alcohol, food/concessions or tickets upon entry for event will be required to buy-out entire premises. Details provided by Facilities Director.

• Fairgrounds charges for parking. Under no circumstances can lessee charge for parking.

Additional Guidelines
• A representative of the lessee must be on site at all times – including move-in and move-out times
• No open flame cooking is permitted inside any building - NO EXCEPTIONS. Cooking with propane inside the building is prohibited
• Lessee must complete all loading and unloading within the times specified in the contract. This includes any subcontractors that are being used for rentals/decorating etc.
• No load-in through the front doors of the Exhibition Halls, please coordinate vendors to load in through the roll-up loading doors or the side doors.
• Any property left behind after the event becomes property of the fairgrounds
• All large boxes must be broken down and placed in a designated area
• If your event generates an over abundance of trash a fee may be applied to your invoice
• ABSOLUTELY, no vehicles allowed in Exhibition Buildings, Annex, Barn, Arena
• A charge may be assessed for any hold over on the specified times to cover the cost of staff labor
• No roll-in loading through the front doors; hand carry only
• Drive in loading/unloading is only available in certain areas
• All damages to the building or the outside area will be the responsibility of the lessee
• No adhesive products, paint or nails on the floors or walls
• No parking on the concrete pavers in front of the Exhibition Halls
• Unloading of shows materials/goods is the responsibility of the show coordinator
• RV PARKING is available for vendors; please contact for rates and more information
• Pets are not permitted on the fairgrounds. Do not leave them in your vehicle. Only service/assistance dogs and seeing eye dogs are allowed in our facilities
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