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Intern One-on-One

The Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair welcomed two University of North Florida interns into the fold this year. Hannah Sharp worked alongside the Jacksonville Fair team during the summer, and Michael McCarty was with us throughout the the fall and this year's Jax Fair! Both of our terrific interns have now completed their internships and graduated college. So instead of interviewing them about their experiences ourselves, we thought we'd let them have some fun!

While Hannah navigates life after college, she took some time to speak with Mike about what to expect now that college is over, what interests her about a career in Public Relations, and any advice she might have for future graduates.

Mike: What made you want to become an intern at the Jacksonville Fair?

Hannah: Meeting Gayle (Hart) and Bill (McNeal) at UNF's career fair. Once I met them, I knew I wanted to work with them.

Mike: When you hear the words "Jacksonville Fair", what do you think of?

Hannah: Fun, games, socialization, and a great time with the people you care about.

Mike: What was your favorite event or project that you worked on while interning at the Jacksonville Fair?

Hannah: Doing the graphics and table decorations for the 2019 Florida Federation of Fairs Convention.
Mike: Quick, snow cones or ice cream?

Hannah: Ice cream!

Mike: Now that you've graduated college, you'll no doubt be moving. Would you prefer to live in the city, suburbs, or country?

Hannah: I'm an in-between city and suburbs type of girl. I can only be in the country for so long.

Mike: Where would you like to travel to if given the chance?

Hannah: My first choice is Italy, I want to go there so bad! My second choice is Greece, and third would be California just to see what it's like.
Mike: How did you decide that you wanted to major in Public Relations?

Hannah: I started in nursing, then I switched and thought about being a teacher. One day it hit me that I am good at writing and communication. I took my first mass media class and knew I wanted to do PR. I loved all my classes and professors.

Mike: Now that you've graduated, what would you like to do in Public Relations?

Hannah: I am very open but don’t want the stereotypical PR job. I want to express my creativity, I enjoy event planning. I like to pay attention to the details and see out a project from start to finish.

Mike: What do you miss most about college?

Hannah: I loved being in college and learning, I am not learning as much now that I am out of college. I loved that environment and learning new things.
Mike: What advice would you give to students who are about to graduate?

Hannah: It’s very hard to find a job after, make sure you develop a skill or niche in a certain area so you can stand out.

Mike: What advice would you give incoming Jacksonville Fair interns

Hannah: Embrace every experience that is put before you.
If you're interested in being an intern during the Summer or Fall Semesters of 2020, please visit the link below for more information.

Internship Information Page

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