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STEM Challenge Competition

2023 STEM Challenge presented by The Morris Center

• The STEM Challenge takes place on Sunday 11/5 inside the EXPO during the Jacksonville Fair
• There will be 2 Divisions: ages 5 - 10 and 11 - 17 years old
• Teams must consist of 2 - 3 players
• Teams must be pre registered by visiting: www.JacksonvilleFair.com/STEM
• The ages 5 - 10 division must arrive at the EXPO to check in no later than 1:00p for a 1:15p start
• The ages 11 - 17 Division must arrive at the EXPO to check in no later than 3:30p for a 3:45p start
• Teams will not know what the challenges are until they arrive at the event
• Teams will be supplied with all materials and tools needed at the challenge
• Some teams will be eliminated after each challenge and some teams will continue on to the next rounds.
• The top 3 teams at the end of all challenges (in both divisions) will be declared the winners
• 1st place wins $500
• 2nd place wins $350
• 3rd place wins $250
• Checks will be mailed to the winners

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