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Gate River Run Expo

Date: Mar 02 - Mar 04, 2023
Fairgrounds - 904-353-0535

Gate River Run has one of the best health and fitness expos in the country. Over 100 exhibits will feature the latest in running shoes and apparel, health services, and other fitness related products.


Each day will be divided into two-hour pick up sessions. There will be a 2,000 visitor limit per session. Participants must select a pick up day and time during registration. Please check confirmation link to find the session you selected.

Thursday, March 2nd – Noon until 6 PM

Friday, March 3rd – 10 AM until 6:00 PM

Saturday, March 4th – 6:30 AM until race start (out of town participants only)

Expo Parking

Parking for the Expo is located in the stadium parking lots across from the Jacksonville Fairgrounds.

Booth Rentals

If you would like information about booth space call Jane Alred at (904) 731-3676 or email jane@1stplacesports.com for more information.

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