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COVID-19 Protocols

1. Masks/Face Coverings will NOT be required for admission, but recommended when guests can't socially distance inside of buildings.
2. There will be self-service ticket kiosks at the gates for guests that wish to limit interaction with ticket sellers.
3. The fair will be offering free masks to guests and volunteers
4. Hand Sanitizer Stations will be placed throughout the grounds and maintained on a regular basis. Frequent handwashing is essential and is the responsibility for all employees, guests, and volunteers. The fair will communicate reminders of the importance of washing hands and use of hand sanitizer stations. Hand sanitizer used will be alcohol based and will meet industry standards.
5. Restrooms will be cleaned on a routine basis with proper cleaning disinfectant.
6. Exhibition and Livestock Arena doors will be kept open to limit the touching of handles.
7. The fair shall engage in the periodic cleaning and disinfecting of commonly used and touched surfaces (ATMs, tables, counters, handrails, baby changing tables, soap dispensers, etc.)
8. Carnival operator Belle City Amusements will be responsible for sanitary guidelines and social distancing requirements for all rides, games, food vendors and gathering area operated and owned by the carnival operation including guest stations, ride ticket booths, ATM and carnival office.
9. Commercial vendors will be responsible for their rental space and disinfecting common areas.
10. Food vendors will be responsible for their vendor operation, health and safety of their staff and disinfecting common areas and surfaces.
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