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Christine Mahr - New Employee Interview

Christine Mahr is the Jacksonville Fair’s new Vendor and Sponsorship Coordinator, beginning in March of 2019. Christine’s responsibilities include working with local companies to gain sponsorship for the Fair as well as creating new and great ideas that can be put into action, luckily we were able to take Christine for a moment to chat with her about work, activities and her little baby chicks at home.

Where are you from?

I was born in Japan and spent most of my childhood there until we moved to California and then to Florida where I’ve been ever since.

What college did you attend?

I graduated from the University of North Florida.

What was your major at the University of North Florida?

I graduated with a degree in communications.

Before joining the Jacksonville Fair team, where did you work?

I worked at the CW17 for 10 years, then took a year off in 2017 and was offered a position with the Fair!

What’s your favorite part about being a team member of the Jacksonville Fair?

My favorite part about working at the fair is the people I’m able to collaborate with everyday and getting to use my creativity freely.

Why did you leave your position at the CW17?

I decided to leave mostly because the television industry had changed so drastically over the 10 years I was there and it just wasn’t what I loved to do anymore so I decided I needed to switch it up.

What drew you to coming to work for the Jacksonville Fair?

After working so closely with Gayle Hart, I fell in love with the Fair and what they do and was so excited when an opportunity opened up for me to come work here.

Do you have any pets?

Oh yes, tons of animals… one dog named Lucy, 19 chickens (including the chicks) and 15 fish

Can Lucy or any of your chickens do any tricks?

Lucy’s absolutely great at looking cute (; she can’t do any tricks but she’s so sweet and very protective of the chickens.

What is your favorite book?

Harry Potter series!!

Funnel cake or cotton candy?

Definitely cotton candy

IPhone or Android?


What’s your go-to social media platform?


What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?

I love reading, cooking and playing with my dog Lucy!

About the Author

As the Jacksonville Fairgrounds Summer Intern for 2019, Hannah’s responsibilities include all things public relations and marketing. Hannah works very closely with Vice President of Marketing, Gayle Hart, and completes tasks such as press releases, executing creative content and event organization. Hannah is set to graduate from the University of North Florida in August 2019 and is very grateful for this experience of working with the Jacksonville Fair.
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