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Kachunga and the Alligator

Date: Oct 31 - Nov 11, 2018

The Detroit News bills the "Kachunga and the Alligator" show as the number one reason to attend the Michigan State Fair. The president of the Dayton Fair claims that "... at our first show this week, it was standing room only." and "we had to bring in more bleachers to accommodate the crowd." (Indiana Gazette) Reporting on the Florida State Fair, the Tampa Tribune calls the Kachunga show the "... biggest crowd pleaser..." drawing "standing-room-only crowds."

From deep in the swamps of Florida comes Kachunga, a real American Bushman who dares to step foot into the wet domain of the alligator. Watch in astonishment as he apprehends a ferocious man-eating reptile with his bare hands. Most people have never seen an alligator up close. The mystique of these giant reptiles is in itself a big draw. Now imagine the thrill of watching a man pit his strength and agility against nine feet 300 pounds of lashing tail and gnashing jaws in a dangerous dance of reflexes and cunning. Kachunga's struggle with the alligator keeps each member of the audience on the edge of their seat biting their nails and curling their toes.

The excitement of the "Kachunga and the Alligator" show cannot be overstated. At every stop the local radio and TV coverage claims that Kachunga makes Crocodile Dundee look like a wimp. Whether it is the front page of a newspaper or top biding during radio or TV coverage, the show is always the most popular at any event where it appears.

Kachunga and the Alligator is educational, funny and safe to view. The alligators are treated with respect and care and are not harmed in any manner.

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