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Jaguars vs Texans

Date: Oct 21, 2018
Parking Information: Gates open four (4) hours before each game. Our grounds are like a park with trees and grass, a good place to be on those first hot, humid game days. Cars are parked in the order in which they arrive with those entering first parked closest to the stadium or our eastern walk-through gate, then working back towards A. Philip Randolph Boulevard. No matter where you park on our grounds it will take no more than a few minutes to walk to the stadium. Fans may not "pick out a spot" but must follow Jacksonville Sheriff Officers directions. Cars are parked two at a time leaving a drive for those that may wish to leave early.

Tailgating is allowed within reason. If you wish to park with friends, simply notify the attendants as you enter the grounds and they will instruct you to pull to the side until your friends arrive then you may park together. JSO officers are on our grounds to assist the Jacksonville Fairgrounds. They cannot go into the street to stop traffic, but will do their best to help you get in and out in an orderly and safe manner. Officers are not here to guard grills, chairs, personal belongings, etc., this is your responsibility so please put your coolers, grills and valuables in your locked vehicle when leaving the area.

All vehicles must be removed from the grounds within two (2) hours after each game.
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